Reflections on St. Joseph:
An Afternoon of Reflection For Men

Are you a husband enduring a season of infertility alongside your wife and looking for a path forward? Come join the Springs in the Desert’s A Man’s Take Team as we kick-off the first in a three-part reflection series on how we as husbands, regardless of our fertility situation, can grow in relationship with our Lord, our wife, and our Church. Our first afternoon of reflection, “Reflections on St. Joseph: Growing with our Lord,” will explore how we can deepen our relationship with our Lord by meditating on the roles of St. Joseph as Leader, Dreamer, and Craftsman.


Our virtual gathering takes place on the Feast of Saint Joseph, Saturday, March 19, from 1-4pm Eastern, and it will feature talks as well as opportunities for discussion. Our Lord is calling us to a deeper personal encounter with Him. Come pursue Him with us!
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