Introducing A Man’s Take, reflections by men about infertility. This Father’s Day week, we celebrate the greatest married male saint who has ever lived – and who walks with us on our path of infertility within marriage. Please read and share with the men in your life.

A Reflection on St. Joseph, Husband of Mary

I wonder what must have gone through Joseph’s mind and heart as the angel revealed to him that Mary, his Betrothed, would bear the Christ. I can only imagine that Joseph’s heart must have leapt with joy and yearned with expectation when he was selected to marry the most Beautiful woman who has ever lived. Yet, what pain must he have felt when he came to understand that a marriage with Mary would not contain the physical intimacy and the hope of children that surely, he had longed for! I can’t think of a single man who would willingly enter into such a confusing, wondrous, and difficult marriage as did Joseph. Yet, Joseph gives us the most incredible, holy example of self-sacrificing love in his role as Husband of Mary.

St. Joseph is a man of heroic virtue, and an example to us men who unexpectedly experience infertility in our marriages. May we, like Joseph, embrace faith, hope, and charity in our marriages, even when our marriages reveal unforeseen, hidden dimensions that cause conflict, pain, and strife. And when adversity finds us, may we likewise join our suffering with the suffering of Joseph, realizing that we too can radically rejuvenate our marriages and transform the world through faithfully living out our vocation to our wives and living for others.

Our marriages are our greatest gift in life. May we accept this gift, and may we bravely pursue the sanctification of ourselves, our wives, and the whole world.