This is our second A Man’s Take reflection for this Father’s Day week, recognizing the heroic fatherhood of St. Joseph, model for all men, especially those struggling with infertility and loss.

St. Joseph, help to guard us so that we may be protected and holy. You were a great man of faith who faced many challenges while caring for the Christ Child and the Blessed Virgin Mary. God placed you in their lives due to your strong faith and devotion. By your great example, may we learn how to live completely as God calls us – with an unwavering devotion to God and His plans for our lives. Although you never said a word in the Bible, you are a great example of both steadfastness and protection. It was your duty to care for Jesus and Mary, which you took on without complaint nor question.

Lord, please guide us in our marriages as we bear the cross of infertility that you have apportioned for us. Grant us the grace to not be crushed by the weight of this struggle; but accompany us in this suffering which will unite us to your Son who died on the cross. Help us to protect and guide our families like you chose St. Joseph to protect Mary. Just as you appointed Joseph the spiritual leader of the Holy Family, help us to be spiritual leaders in our families. St. Joseph, keep our marriages under your continual protection, so that by your help, we may come to possess eternal life in heaven.