Today is Day 4 of National Infertility Awareness Week and we offer a reflection on marriage and infertility. Let’s pray for strengthening of all marriages!

Infertility Fact:
Infertility is not always “a woman’s problem.” Approximately one-third of infertility cases are caused by male reproductive issues, one-third by female reproductive issues, and one-third by both male and female reproductive issues or by unknown factors (CDC, 2019).

Infertility Awareness:
Couples may endure well-meaning but intrusive and upsetting questions from others about the nature and causes of their infertility. These questions can be hurtful as they may encourage a sense of guilt or blame. Regardless of the cause, infertility is always a shared experience within a couple’s marriage.

Resist making assumptions and avoid questions such as “which one of you has the problem?” Unity and a sense of purpose are essential for couples enduring the cross of infertility, so instead, affirm the goodness and beauty of the couple’s marriage as it exists right now and pray for strengthening of their bond. Encourage the couple to draw strength from the Lord, who brought them together according to His perfect plan.