Infertility Fact: Infertility and all that it encompasses (e.g. uncertainty, treatment decisions, treatment management, social triggers, social isolation, etc.) places great stress on a couple’s marriage.

Infertility Awareness: When a couple experiences infertility, husband and wife will each cope differently with the stress caused by the situation. Typically, a woman confronts the stress of infertility directly and seeks social support from others, while a man seeks distance and a solution to the “problem” of not being able to conceive. This often leads to tension and misunderstanding, which can multiply the stress on a marriage (see the book Under the Laurel Tree by Nicole M. Roccas, page 130).

Action: Pray for God’s blessing and protection of all marriages, and especially those experiencing the cross of infertility. Help couples remember the Lord’s love for them and for their marriage. If a couple expresses feeling overwhelmed by the weight of infertility, consider encouraging them, through a gentle reminder, that there is no weakness in seeking help from a trusted pastor and/or a licensed counselor.