We give glory to you, Lord, who raised up Your cross to span the jaws of death like a bridge by which souls may pass from the region of the dead to the land of the living…. You are incontestably alive. Your murderers sowed Your living body in the earth as farmers sow grain but it sprang up and yielded an abundant harvest of men raised from the dead. ~St. Ephrem the Syrian

A Lenten Reflection:
Good Friday is generally observed by Christians in ways that are somber and contemplative, and rightly so. But, as the Saint reminds us, the necessary grief and loss of Good Friday is the seed of the new life that comes with the Resurrection. For those of us experiencing infertility, the Way of the Cross is a daily walk. Yet if we bring ourselves and our marriages to the Cross, offering all of it to Jesus, He will be the bridge to unimaginable fruitfulness and new life from the desert of our grief.

A Lenten Action:
Find a few quiet moments to be with Jesus at the foot of the Cross. Imagine yourself there, Jesus looking down at you with complete, self-giving love. Bring your grief, frustration, anger, and every problem or negative emotion to the Cross. Jesus is waiting there to absorb your wounds into His own wounded flesh. He longs to pour Himself out for you so that you will be filled with His life.