Springs of Hope

We all have those moments where we feel alone and misunderstood. Those of us carrying the burden of infertility and loss experience this sense of isolation and feeling “out of place” acutely. Does anyone know how I feel? How long will this pain last? Where is God?

Springs in the Desert is a place to set down your burdens, share your story, and find solidarity and community. Our team members represent the diversity of infertility experiences (primary and secondary infertility, male factor, unexplained, serious illness, miscarriage and the transition into menopause). What we share is the desire to walk together – to walk with you – through this desert experience toward the unique fruitfulness and joy of life that God so desires to give us. We know this path isn’t easy, but we also know it’s impossible to do alone. Come walk with us and be refreshed by the waters of friendship as we accompany each other through this desert toward a spring of hope.

Our team offers in-person and virtual retreats to accompany and support you. The Women at the Well Virtual Book Club invites you to read and discuss books that challenge and fortify us spiritually. Hope for the Journey Small Groups gives us the chance to deepen in faith alongside others who share similar experiences. Finally, our Desert Pilgrimage Prayer and Reflection Series allow us to walk together through the deserts of Lent and Advent.


Small Groups

The vision for our Hope for the Journey Small Groups is to foster an environment where we can offer prayer, support, and community to each other while looking for ways to move forward toward fruitfulness in our infertility.

Virtual groups for women & couples beginning August 2021.


Springs of Hope Retreat:

For all those who long for motherhood – whether you are experiencing primary or secondary infertility, miscarriage or loss, with or without a diagnosis – we are here with you.

Join us for live and pre-recorded talks that explore BELONGING: to Christ, in marriage, and in our communities.

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Oringinal Date: Mother’s Day Weekend 2021


A Desert Pilgrimage:

If you struggle with infertility you may feel like you’re on a lonely, desert pilgrimage. But you are not alone!

During this season of Lent, the Springs in the Desert Team invites you to reflect with us on the Seven Last Words of Jesus during His pilgrimage of suffering.

This FREE event is a chance to enter more deeply into the Lenten spirit while gathering in prayer with others on this same path.

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Original Date: Lent 2021


Praying Through Infertility:
An Online Advent Mini-Retreat

For those of us struggling with infertility and loss, Advent and Christmas can be a sensitive time. But there is hope in the Lord! Grow closer to God, and your spouse, by casting your worries and pain on Him. Emmanuel! God is with us!

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Original Date: Advent 2020


Springs of Hope Virtual Retreat

Infertility is isolating, and the grief and pain are real. We walk this path with you. Come, be refreshed and renewed. Come and spend a while with us at the Spring of Hope.

This virtual retreat includes videos on grieving infertility and caring for ourselves, nurturing our relationships with our spouses, miscarriage and loss, praying and finding God in “the desert,” fostering/adopting, and more.

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Original Date: Mother’s Day Weekend 2020