Walking with Christ

If you struggle with infertility, you may feel like you’re on a lonely, desert pilgrimage. But you are not alone!

During the season of Lent, the Springs in the Desert Team invites you to join us as we reflect on those Saints and friends of Christ who walked with Him and witnessed His Passion: from the Blessed Virgin Mary to Mary Magdalene; Simon of Cyrene to Veronica; and the Women of Jerusalem to the Centurion.

Each Thursday evening during Lent (from March 3–April 7) we will meet virtually at 8pm ET to pray, listen to a brief reflection, and build community through small group sharing. This FREE event for women and couples is a chance to enter more deeply into the Lenten spirit while gathering in prayer with others on this same path.

 Thank you for walking with us!

Week 1:
The Blessed Virgin Mary


By her own life, and especially during the Passion of her son, Mary exemplifies how to stay close to Our Lord in our most painful and difficult moments.

Week 2:
St. Simon of Cyrene


Simon of Cyrene is pressed into service and forced to carry Jesus’ Cross as He travels to His crucifixion. In doing so, Simon unexpectedly provides a witness of authentically following Christ. How can we respond to the unexpected crosses and challenges we face?

Week 3:
St. Veronica


What does it mean for us to abandon ourselves to God during our walk with infertility? What can we learn from this woman who stepped out, alone, “brave but trembling,” “moved by love beyond her fear” (as we hear during the Stations of the Cross)? We will reflect on how St. Veronica laid it all on the line for Christ.

Week 4:
The Women of Jerusalem


Although the Women of Jerusalem are often portrayed in passing depictions of the Passion, tonight’s discussion will bring them to the forefront by placing ourselves in their interactions with Jesus.

Week 5:
The Centurion


The Centurion participated in and watched the death of Jesus, a man no different to him than any other criminal whose execution he’d presided over. And yet, this crucifixion became a defining moment in the soldier’s life, as he experienced a profound and unexpected encounter with God’s Divine Mercy.

Week 6:
St. Mary Magdalene


Jesus freed Mary Magdalene from the devil’s oppression, inviting her to a new way of living through Him. It was a way of joy, but also suffering, heartbreak and being misunderstood. For Mary, it was the sorrow of Christ’s Passion that ultimately led her to Resurrection and a new mission and purpose.