Welcome to Springs in the Desert

We are honored to accompany you in your struggle with infertility and loss. Together as a community, we share in the hope that God is transforming our suffering into fruitfulness.


Setting Out

If you are setting out on the path of infertility (trying to conceive, discerning treatment or just coming to terms with the difficulty) we understand how overwhelming it can be. You don’t have to take these first steps on your own.


On the Path

Here you’ll find encouragement and strength to navigate the physical, spiritual and emotional uncertainty this difficult cross brings. However long you’ve been on the path of infertility, we’re here to walk along with you.


On the Path

Here you’ll find encouragement and strength to navigate the physical, spiritual and emotional uncertainty this difficult cross brings. However long you’ve been on the path of infertility, we’re here to walk along with you.



Perhaps you are experiencing menopause, have received a diagnosis that makes conception impossible, have undergone a hysterectomy or you just feel a desire to discover what comes next in your life. Let’s take the next steps together and explore the new horizons open to us.



I wholeheartedly support the works of Springs in the Desert, and invite couples carrying the heavy burdens of infertility to feel welcome in coming to this apostolate for a deepening of faith and community, as we embrace the healing power of Jesus’ Most Holy Name.

Bishop Alfred A. Schlert, Diocese of Allentown

You are the only organization looking to unmask who God has actually called us to be through our infertility and not seeing it as a “fixable problem”, but actually identifying the nature of the call. You help bring us together to see it, and encourage the fostering of bringing forth the fruits from this form of suffering and grief. In this way, we can recognize our importance to God and our place within the body of Christ as a whole.


Springs in the Desert provides sound spiritual, and emotional guidance rooted in the riches of our Catholic faith. This beautiful apostolate exists to serve the sanctity and fruitfulness of marriage as expressed in the gift of self of the spouses. Thus, Springs in the Desert empowers couples to recover the meaning and dignity of the sacrament of Holy Matrimony as witness to faith and fidelity in the midst of great suffering.

Bishop Ronald W. Gainer, Diocese of Harrisburg

The presentations from the Springs team were beautifully prepared and remarkable for their sensitivity, their deep understanding, and their honest clarity.  They showed in a very practical way how the teachings of the Church are not in conflict with our complex human experience, but call us to a deeper understanding of who we are as beloved daughters and sons of God.

Chris O'Neill, Director, Office of Marriage and Family Life, Archdiocese of New Orleans

I recommend Springs in the Desert and its much-needed mission of providing concrete spiritual and emotional support to individuals and couples who struggle with infertility. I pray that [they] will continue to encourage those who struggle with infertility to unite their suffering with the suffering of Christ. May our lady intercede for all who participate in this apostolate, that they might experience the spiritual fruitfulness which never fails to flow from the cross of her Son!

Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades, Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend

I pray that more women dealing with the struggle of infertility will attend this retreat. I’ve found in my journey that infertility struggles are more prevalent than I thought. The more I open up about it, the more others do too. I’ve felt that talking about it helps. This retreat has brought an important aspect of God and His love and blessings for me into my heart and reflection. Thank you for helping me see that.


The team at Springs in the Desert was wonderful to work with in planning and putting on our Mother’s Day weekend retreat for those struggling with infertility. Their passion for ministering to women and couples who carry this cross was beautiful to behold…. I highly recommend partnering with Springs in the Desert.

Lisa Everett, Director for Marriage & Family Ministry, Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend

This retreat was everything I didn’t know I needed and all I hoped for. Thank you all so much for the hard work, both emotional and spiritual that you all have put into this amazing retreat. Thank you for putting a new and different hope in my heart.


Having touched loneliness myself, I recognized immediately the gift of Springs in the Desert. This apostolate stands out as a prophetic voice in the wilderness of barrenness, where one’s feelings of abnormality and inadequacy also stand to drive them further into isolation or despair.

Deacon Gregory Amarante, Secretary, Secretariat for Catholic Life and Evangelization, Diocese of Harrisburg

It was such a profound experience to be with other infertility warriors in the flesh. We have never had that opportunity before and it was so powerful just to be in each other’s presence. Thank you for the way you made non-Catholic brothers and sisters feel welcome. Very intentional, sensitive, and well-thought out.


This [event] was absolutely a “Spring in the Desert.” Thank you for being obedient to God and ministering to us web there is seemingly no other ministry for infertility. 


I thought this [event] was incredible! I only hope your reach continues to grow bigger and bigger so we can meet more couples like us.


I loved this retreat! It was nice to be together with my husband. Much of our infertility journey has been separate. I have a girls group I go to, but having something like this has been amazing.


It was a heart-touching experience, knowing that I’m not alone.


God bless you all for offering this ministry to help heal these deep painful wounds I have carried for a long time.


Thank you. I just lost my first pregnancy 2 weeks ago and this retreat gave me a lot of peace and hope for my future – no matter what that looks like.


Thank you for being all-inclusive to all types of infertility. At first, I was worried about feeling judged, but that was not the case at all and felt great to be with so many others going through the same journey.



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