An Open Invitation

Welcome to Springs in the Desert, the home of an apostolate dedicated to spiritually and emotionally supporting women and couples as they navigate the frustration, pain and difficulty of infertility. While our experiences are each unique to us, we are women who know how deeply felt the emotions surrounding infertility are, and we too experience the emotional and spiritual aridity that enfolds us and our relationships with spouses, family, friends and others. It is the “dryness” in our own spiritual lives that led us to the Source of all life, the only One through Whom our “desert experience” of infertility could be transformed into a spring welling up to eternal life! (cf. John 4:14)

This website, our writing, resources, and prayerful support will be oriented toward the spiritual accompaniment called for by Pope Francis, and so desired by those who are infertile and feel alone and without hope. We intend to be a place of community, where women and couples can share in the pilgrimage through infertility, toward the hope that we have in God’s transformation of our suffering into a fruitfulness we least expect, and without our contribution would not blossom into new life.

Watch this space as we build it, and help us to grow by sharing yourself – your story and questions – so that we can together listen for God’s calling us out of the desert and to the Hope that He desires to spring up from our hearts!

We’re still building, but while you’re here, spend a few minutes in the Chapel. Leave your prayer request, say a quick one for others who’ve left theirs, and just take a moment to rest in the Lord. He’s here, and He’s waiting for you.anna-joachim-embrace

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