Virtual Mother’s Day Retreat

For those of us carrying the cross of infertility and loss, Mother’s Day can be the hardest day of the year. But you don’t have to go through it alone.

Springs in the Desert is pleased to announce our third annual Springs of Hope Virtual Mother’s Day Retreat: ARISE. The retreat opens at Noon Eastern on Friday, May 6, and will include a series of talks and prayer opportunities that can be viewed anytime throughout the weekend and beyond. 

This Mother’s Day, give yourself the gift of space, prayerful support, and time to acknowledge your grief with this community and God, all while finding inspiration and hope. It is our honor to walk with you.


What is the Springs of Hope Virtual Mother’s Day Retreat?

We know Mother’s Day is hard, and that so many of us dread the entire weekend. In 2020, we launched our first virtual retreat over Mother’s Day weekend to be a refuge from the negative thoughts and feelings of isolation. This retreat is for you – to pray, to be inspired with hope, and to know that you are not alone.

Why the name “ARISE?” 

We were inspired to make this year’s theme a reminder that Jesus Christ, the risen Lord, is stretching out His hand to raise each of us from the grip of our sorrow, anger, shame, isolation, and all the emotions that make our hearts especially tender this time of year. 

What can I expect on this retreat?

Our virtual retreat will open on Friday, May 6, at Noon Eastern.  That morning, you will receive a passcode and access to the retreat page, and you can begin watching the videos at any time. The retreat is pre-recorded, so that you can make your way through it at your own pace. With your passcode, the retreat videos will remain available for you to return to anytime. Invite your spouse to watch with you, and make the retreat an opportunity to draw closer to each other.

To enhance the experience, consider creating a retreat space in your home with a comfortable chair, candle, and your beverage of choice, so that you can enter fully into this self-paced time of prayer, reflection, and inspiration.

During this retreat, we will:

  • acknowledge the unique grief of infertility and discover practical ways to root our identity not in what we lack, but in who we are as beloved daughters (and sons) of God.
  • examine negative thoughts we have about ourselves and our experiences of infertility, uncover the lies the devil wants us to believe, and explore the truth about ourselves and our marriages, rooted in Jesus Christ.
  • have opportunities for prayer and prompts for personal reflection and discussion with your spouse.
  • And so much more!

“[Walking with Christ] is my first Springs retreat and I am really enjoying it. I leave feeling lighter and refreshed each week. I also love discussing the topics and questions with my husband after. It is nice finally having others that I can fully relate to, because I do not have that relatable support in my friends or family (being Catholic and infertile).”


“The best part of the [Belonging] retreat was a feeling I am not alone or the only one who has felt this way before . . . it was great to have a supportive community that I knew is or has gone though similar things.”


“I love hearing how other couples are called by God to be fruitful in His special plan for them.”