Bright Sadness

I remember a discussion in one of my graduate theology courses about how having a child is, in a way, our first brush with mortality. When a child comes into the world we realize that our time will pass, and we will hand over the business of living, of creating and of stewarding the earth … More Bright Sadness

Lenten Reflections from Springs in the Desert

Each Friday during Lent, we’ll be posting wisdom from the saints, Lenten reflections, and ideas for actions. Follow us on Facebook (@ Springs in the Desert) and Instagram (@springs_if), and stay with us here for these weekly pieces of encouragement as we prayerfully walk together through the desert of infertility toward the One who is … More Lenten Reflections from Springs in the Desert

Holding Gabriel

…in the extreme night which no word penetrates, there will be a voice that calls us, a hand that takes our hand and leads us on. ~ Joseph Ratzinger There are a range of emotions that strike us as we navigate the rough terrain of infertility: frustration, anger, jealousy, hopelessness, to name only some of … More Holding Gabriel