Your gift, large or small, puts you on the path with women and couples carrying the cross of infertility and loss,
and lets them know they are seen and loved.

Our mission is to create a community of support that meets women and couples wherever they are on their infertility path (trying to conceive, experiencing secondary infertility, in treatment, entering or in menopause, etc.), by acknowledging the grief associated with infertility; accompanying those affected by it in friendship and solidarity; and walking with them toward discovering the unique fruitfulness God has planned for their marriage. How do we do this?

  • Our website is an entry point providing resources and inspirational blog posts that invite visitors into a community where their experiences and stories matter
  • Our social media channels allow us to cast a wide net with messages of hope and encouragement
  • The Springs in the Desert Podcast is like a friend you can carry with you on your path. We post two episodes each month
  • The Springs of Hope Virtual Mother’s Day Retreat is an annual event that brings comfort and hope to women struggling with infertility and loss during one of the most difficult and painful days of the year
  • Virtual small groups for women and for couples create a community that stretches across the US – and even internationally – and gives them a chance to share their hearts, their struggles, and the hope that emerges as they grow closer to God, and in friendship with others who understand
  • In-person retreats that bring together women in a safe place for them to share their stories, receive encouragement from others who understand, and be affirmed in their identities as beloved daughters of God

What’s next for Springs in the Desert? 

  • Creating a “Small Groups Toolkit” for dioceses, to include small groups guides, suggested themes, and facilitation tips/best practices, in order to create in-person “communities-within-the-parish community”
  • Developing in-person retreat options for women and couples that can be sponsored by dioceses and parishes
  • Creating a private, online community, where those carrying the burden of infertility can share their hearts freely

We invite you to walk with us as we visit the desert of infertility to bring the water of God’s love and mercy to the women and couples who need to be nourished by His love.