Who is Venerable Mother Luisita – and why should I get to know her?

In today’s Voices of Infertility, Cassi shares with us about the life of this remarkable woman who knew the pain of infertility and the loss of her husband, but by grace became a spiritual mother to many. Get to know her as a friend on your own pilgrimage through the desert of infertility.

Venerable Mother Luisita, pray to God that we too will let blossom the mother within us! For more information, Cassi recommends reading “In the Face of Darkness: The Heroic Life and Holy Death of Mother Luisita” by Sister Timothy Marie Kennedy, O.C.D. The website with more info on Mother Luisita is: https://carmelitesistersocd.com/mother-luisita/ For information on retreats: https://sacredheartretreathouse.com/