In an effort to help our clergy and family life ministers provide the best pastoral care possible, we’ve created a new resource just for them, as they seek to lead us through this sensitive and difficult time. Our Pastoral Toolkit is full of information and print materials for them and their flock. If you order a Pastoral Toolkit for your parish or diocese, they will receive:

  • Our Pastoral Guide, a booklet written by the Springs in the Desert team, full of information about infertility, pregnancy loss, adoption, the temptation of certain Artificial Reproductive Technologies, how to handle the Mother’s Day blessing, and more!
  • Springs in the Desert brochures, to help parishioners more easily find our ministry.
  • Information about ordering Springs in the Desert Small Group Guides.
  • Infertility in the Parish brochures, to help educate those in the parish who are not struggling with infertility, and raise awareness and sensitivity towards this complex issue.
  • Our Mother’s Day resource for celebrating Mother’s Day in a way that honors all women and is sensitive to those walking the path of infertility. 
  • Our Examination of Conscience resource to help couples experience the gift of Confession in a season of infertility.
  • Print pamphlets containing our “5 Things” resources, to help educate and raise awareness among specific audiences (healthcare providers, NaPro doctors, priests, etc.).
  • 1-hour consultation with Springs in the Desert team members to help take stock of the situation in the parish or diocese and open up new avenues for ministering to those who are walking the path of infertility.
  • . . . and more!


To order:

  1. Add the Toolkit to your cart and check out as you normally would.
  2. Contact us and note the name of the parish or diocese to whom you would like to send a Toolkit. Orders are currently being accepted for shipping in the United States only. If a Toolkit has already been purchased for the requested parish or diocese, the Toolkit will be sent to a nearby parish or diocese that has not yet received one. 
  3. Springs in the Desert will contact the parish or diocese to schedule their 1-hour consultation.