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One effective way of accompanying couples experiencing infertility, and communicating support and solidarity, is through social media. You’re welcome to share these images and post ideas on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and parish website to show your support for those struggling with infertility.

Right-click the image to open in a new tab and copy or save to share. You may use the hashtags #infertility, #nationalinfertilityawareness, and #springsinthedesert when sharing on social media. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram and share our posts throughout the week.


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Resist making assumptions about childless couples. Affirm the goodness of their marriage and encourage them to find strength in the Lord.
Infertility and miscarriage are often intertwined. Make a point of recognizing that those who’ve lost children are parents, especially on Mother’s/Father’s Day.
Friends and family can help couples experiencing infertility by loving them, listening to them, and giving them space to share their struggle when they’re ready.
While large families are beautiful signs, small families bear witness in hidden ways to trust in God’s providence.
Infertility challenges our relationship with God. Bring Him your struggle, emotions and fear. He wants to carry your burden and make you stronger through it.