Springs of Hope Virtual Retreat – Itinerary and Talks

Infertility is an isolating experience that causes a range of emotions: sadness, confusion, anxiety and anger, to name a few. In these unprecedented times, facing a global pandemic and the phenomenon of “social distancing,” these emotions are heightened. Add to that the difficulty of Mother’s Day for those having trouble conceiving or who have lost a child, and it can be easy to lose hope. But you are not alone!

We can’t be together in person, but that doesn’t mean we can’t support and accompany each other. The videos from our Springs in the Desert Team may be viewed with the pass code at your leisure during the weekend, and beyond. On Sunday, May 10 you’ll have the opportunity to connect with us in a Facebook Live session, where you can ask questions or share your story.

We are grateful for your “virtual” presence with us this weekend.

Keith and Ann Koshute

An Infertility Grief Observed

We tend not to think of infertility as something to be grieved, but it is a tangible loss felt in our hearts and our marriages. In this talk Ann looks at the importance of acknowledging the emotions associated with infertility as a legitimate type of grief, and some practical ways to address it to care for ourselves and our marriage. 

James and Allie Kleineck

Growing with God: Infertility and the Cross

The suffering of infertility can often feel “purposeless” and brings many challenges as we seek to grow in relationship with God.  In this talk, Allie will discuss a key shift in perspective that helped her experience hope within the burdens of infertility.

Together and Hopeful: Relating as a Couple through Infertility

In this talk, Allie and James will witness to their ongoing discovery of God’s meaning for their marriage despite their unmet hopes for biological children. They will share how they’ve grown in communication, togetherness, and hopefulness amidst the challenge of different grieving styles and the difficulty of relating to other couples.

Phil and Stacey Huneck

10 Things We’ve Learned: A Couple’s Infertility Witness  

Infertility is a journey that challenges faith and marriage. In this talk, Stacey and Phil share their story of coming to terms with diagnosis and learning to see God’s love through it. Together, they share a top 10 list of what they have learned along the journey through the process from grief to healing. 

Brian and Cayce Farina

Miscarriage and Infertility: One Couple’s Journey

Infertility and miscarriage are often intertwined. For some couples, factors related to their infertility may allow them to conceive, but result in an unhealthy pregnancy that ends in miscarriage. Couples who experience both infertility and child loss may grieve their fertility differently than couples who have never conceived. In this talk, Cayce and Brian share their personal story of loss, how it has changed them, and ultimately how their grief has strengthened their marriage and faith.

Clare Kane

Infertility and Intimacy with Christ – An Invitation to Hope

A meditation on infertility that addresses how each person’s unique experience of this suffering is an invitation to deeper intimacy with Christ – an intimacy that embraces all the particulars of their sorrow and transfigures them in joy. Sharing how her own struggle with infertility has shaped her understanding of what discipleship looks like, Clare reflects on the ways this cross has drawn her deeper into Christ’s tenderness and borne fruit in beautiful, unexpected, and concrete ways. 

Greg and Kimberly Henkel

Taking the Leap to Foster to Adopt

It can feel overwhelming to start on the path of adoption. With all of the various options (domestic or international, public or private, infant or older, single child or sibling group), a couple can feel paralyzed. Join the Henkels as they discuss the blessings and challenges of adopting through the foster care system.

Andrea Mahoney

Praying through infertility: Isaiah 43

During this session, we will take some time to sit and rest in the Lord. The cross of infertility can be unbearable at times and it also takes us to a very vulnerable state. It is the Lord who can fill us and help us carry this cross. We will come together and pray through Isaiah 43, specifically verse 19 “See, I am doing something new! Now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?” Andrea will lead us in a meditation on scripture, reflecting on our perspective vs. God’s perspective. Come and sit with your Heavenly Father to receive more of His love for you. He understands your pain, anger, grief and longing. He is here waiting for you.