Walking with Mary

And a sword will pierce your own soul, alsoMary, what could you have thought of this when prophets spoke of your son’s future, and of your own? It is possible that you knew of your son’s future Passion and death, but could you truly know, as in, understand, the events that would transpire years later? … More Walking with Mary

Come, Lord Jesus

I achingly remember last year’s Christmas. I remember feeling like I could fall to pieces at any second. And I did, once we got home. Christmas Eve began a series of nights where I laid in bed, shattered and weeping. I remember apologizing to my husband (whose mother was in the hospital) and I asked … More Come, Lord Jesus

The Mother in Me

One of the advantages I enjoy from teaching online is flexibility. As long as I have an internet connection I can grade papers and answer students’ questions at 7am from a cafe, or at 11pm from my couch in my PJs. Such convenience can be burdensome at times, especially when I receive a flurry of … More The Mother in Me