National Infertility Awareness Week – Day 2

Today is Day 2 of National Infertility Awareness Week. You are not alone! #NIAW2020 #infertility Infertility Fact:Experiencing infertility is experiencing grief. Grief is not only for death, but also is the response to other forms of loss. Infertility often involves the loss of dreams, plans, goals, life experiences, community, and a sense of belonging. Infertility Awareness:Couples suffering … More National Infertility Awareness Week – Day 2

Skolops and Sainthood

My wife and I don’t have a TV. It seems like this is increasingly common among millennials: rather than spending money for cable or satellite, we’re more apt to sign up for online streaming services. I generally don’t want to spend money on those either, but I still manage to spend more hours watching various … More Skolops and Sainthood

On Feeling Invisible

Note: This is a journal-style reflection that I wrote during a difficult moment during my journey of infertility. While it was written a few years ago, I think (I hope) that it can still speak to the hearts of those carrying the cross of infertility, and in particular childlessness (no living children) – a cross … More On Feeling Invisible